Prepared Students

Prepared 10th and 11th grade students enrolled in M-DCPS who have completed all required paperwork can register here to find an internship placement.

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Internship Providers

Companies who wish to employ a talented high school student who is covered by accident insurance, please sign up here.

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Easy Compensation

Compensation Options

Students receive academic credit; compensation can be via payroll or tax-deductible stipend

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The Summer Youth Internship Program is scheduled to run from July 1- August 2, 2019

We will begin the company registration process for the SYIP internship in the spring of 2019.

Please contact the Internship Hotline at 305-693-3005 to be provided with additional information about the SYIP.

We look forward to working with you in the summer of 2019

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Rising 10th through 12th Grade high school students between the ages of 15-18 and enrolled in Miami-Dade County Public High Schools ELIGIBILITY. Students must be eligible to work,reside in Miami-Dade County, open an account with the South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union the ONLY Financial Institution for the SYIP program; Emphasis will be given to at-risk students who meet one of the following criteria: Free/Reduced Lunch or English Language Learners (ELL) orTruant (15 or more unexcused absences.)

In order to be approved on this site you must complete the online pre-internship course 100%.

Students – call the Internship Hotline with any questions or concerns. If you have been hired and need to report your placement information call 305-693-3005. 



Your child will be working a total of 150 hours during the summer from July 1- August 2, 2019. This is approximately 30 hours a week. Students must be eligible to work, reside in Miami-Dade and complete all internship requirements to be eligible to participate. Please contact the Internship Hotline at 305-693-3005 to be provided with additional information about the SYIP. 

Faith Kennedy. General Manager. Seagull Hotel Miami Beach

Our company has been hiring interns for 20 years, we find the students are well prepared by their teachers from job interviews to work ethics. It is a pleasure to watch them grow from high school students to college students and even some in current management positions. We are fortunate to have this program available to our young students.

Faith Kennedy

Alex Funkhouser

Alex Funkhouser. President. SherlockTalent.

Over the past seven years, the interns we've hired have made long lasting, highly beneficial contributions to SherlockTalent's strategic goals and objectives. For example, they have developed software for our mobile applications and managed social media campaigns. The interns help us build IT community and prepare for large IT events. After their summer internships, they often stay on with the company throughout the year.